Modern Poetry

Poetry is The Grand Stage Production of The Living Universe,
The Poet, hangs in the wings night after night,
In a desperate attempt to capture all of the subtle sweet
And terrible beauty sewn into the choreography of the dance.

-Christopher Roper


Chrisvard Munch.png

My ears don’t hear merely feel sound around me,
My eyes don’t see they drink light by design,
Converse this to the mind which in turn may just lie
Throw things in, swap stuff out keep assumptions
As facts, acting mainly to keep me from going insane
Brain remaining on track and my feet down and grounded
Yet this means I can’t trust the truth of these truths that
I claim and hold near to my heart since I found them

Dear Chris,

Don’t you dare start this thought process,
Soon you shall cry out obsessed that you’re
Merely some head contained in a large jar,
Without skull nor flesh, simply electrical impulses
Fed by someone nuts as those who profess
That the smashing of atoms can teach us of Adam
And Eve, I can’t fathom though how some believe
This tall tale told by those who’d sell assured
Insurance quotes “Pearly Gates Road be yours!!!”
Worship depiction of greatest affliction toward
Horrifying historic Non-Fiction.

What was I on about?! 
Oh yea!!! How can I be sure that I’m not just a…

Suddenly wish as a wash of emotion brings such fear
So stressful I’d not had this notion,
Equipped with Pseudo-Scientific devotions
Of epic proportions cause thoughts such commotions,
Blancmange type mass bubble and bobbing in glass,
Are these real eyes of mine? Realise now that I have
No way to know yet I continue to ask
Uncontrollable mind-set set solving this task.


Well I’ll tell you exactly what task just as….

Faster and faster this I made disaster now
Plunges me deeper down blast past black darkness,
Enthralled through the falling these thoughts now recalling
Cause warm constricts sickness from tonsils to toes
One may feel more than think real lies misconceptions
Consider my teeth VR digital dentures,
Fake face holographic, my SIM saved as “Manic”
With insight inside within brains drowned in panic.

©Christopher Roper 

Ash fire people

Summer Son

He sits in silence looking through the window pane
and the monotonic melancholic skies that the sight
of dawn now assured him,
To a place of eternal summer where he lay
with his lover in arms as far removed from
lonesome living room as the sofa was from a kingly
bed that was contained within it,

His awareness snaps back to a noticeably brighter morose
wall of cloud than had previously been there before his distant
gaze had first pierced them,
Pondering how many times had such an event passed him by
since last he slept and whether any
including himself even cared other than her,
Did she now look into a sky existing in a time apart
being the last human on earth focusing thought
toward and thus giving substance to his existence?

Would she perceive him weak and meek? Her
pitying him would surely douse what remained of the man,
The smoldering embers of flames once as wildfire
would light never more under so kind an expression.
Just as choosing tend her
loving faith filled eyes would fan the wildest fires once more.

He looks to the skies with hope
Full eyes through happiness as
he knows beyond what sight allows
eternal summer burns brighter still….

….and she burns,
Just for him

© Roper 2018



I am eager to place all that I am to the warmth of your gentle touch,
Should you choose to marry your heart to mine unbound from social prejudices,

Removed from all ceremonial practice that ever took place,
For a love as this has never been witnessed before,
So there is no Church or Temple to house our devotions,
Nor could any dogmatic religious denomination assume represent us to officiate the union of our souls.

Eyes wide seek the cries with the smiles, with our arms open in acceptance to the hardships that we shall surely face in the coming years balanced by times of true happiness.

A wedding to exclude all guests and even family,
As we look to one another for the validation of our loves existence,
The oaths that we speak could be the only authority worthy to preside.

I find my heaven in the life that we build,
Here on Earth.

©Christopher Roper

You can’t really ever tell anybody anything,

So I’ve wasted your time already.

– Christopher Roper


Head down tended, Often slumbers,
Restarts clock, Mark my days numbered,
Light in darkness warms the heart with
new directions forth to March then
Eyes locked on such prize would turn
all focus from which I despise and even
as the blackness closes tighter,
My surprise would find a fighter inside
render threats from shadow hold no substance

Yet the light was not the door that I’d mistook it for;
Mere candle placed with care upon the floor,

I stumbled as I stare in disbelief
To brim with tears a heart as lead filled
by despair for nowhere can
I see small candles shine,
Mine eyes now spill their waters,
Finally succumb to darkness,
I let them close,
Lay down my head,
To fall asleep one final time

©Christopher Roper


Fading Memories of Open Skies

Once what was THE song of wind,
Marvelled by all kith and kin,
Built bars around reside within,
Affront of natures law, such Sin,
Caught and CAGED, such lonesome soul
Now sings for the pleasure,
Of a master taxing mighty toll,
Yet never understood such treasure,
She keeps the BIRD because she’s able,
Often cruel, Always unstable,
Now she’s lost all interest, Unwilling still to free,
This bird that SINGS, Who’s skyward soar
is all but lost to memory,
He Must remember how to fly
So he it is that holds the key,

To this prison that I call my home, 
For the bird of which I speak is me.

©Christopher Roper 2017


I know those eyes of yours,
sometime forgotten mind where the soul
till most recent days preferred remain and be at home.
Woken from blissful dreams
crafted carefully from the most delicate of memory’s recall,
Abandoning all responsibility of the oaths once taken of secrecy,
Promises made to oneself for the benefit of experience


As I stared once more into the heart of the ocean,
That burning intenser fires blue and golden wild passionate flames.
Will still my endless questions,
I would again wash clean in the one
sole source that quench
my imagined wants and childish unimportant efforts of self gratification.
Gladly I leave, ebbed with each moment that fills me
With the gratitude for her gaze.
Those eyes that look to mine once more… forever seeking hers.

 ©Christopher Roper

If this is to be my finale,
Then I’d hope it Grand,
If this is to be my final day,
Then let it be in a place of love,
Within a space I call Home.
Be with me please, let me be,
Let me go, and go with peace.

©Christopher Roper



She appears….No He…. No hang on

Who are you?
I am God…. And you are the devil…. Idiot boy
You are God!? I repeat in disbelief
No Son, I’m The Devil
You said that I was The Devil
You? You are God!

Wait, wait wait…. What are you tal….. who is who here to be clear,
You are speaking riddles of two concepts entirely opposite of one another

Well… Yes you are
Would you consider yourself a good man Bodeyzephr?
You call me Bodeyzephr?
I used the name you chose, of course
er, oh Well I know that a lot depends on Point of View but Yeah, Yes I consider myself a good man. Of course
Almost all is Point of View, though yours you feel the highest is a very limited viewpoint from my perspective I can assure you, and what is not subjective, what you would call pure evil…. this creates by its very existence the Purity of Goodness found within all things! Would you I remove this from creation?
Heavens no, Of course not
Heavens no, Hell yes, all the same to me. if this your choice then one must accept the counterpoint of all that is good and acknowledge it too must exist within all things.. Bodeyzephr, tell me, from your….unique point of view, What is God?

God is … LOVE!
She is indeed. God is Desire!! Desire to create and experience the unique and newness that had never yet been dreamt, the desire as you have in yourself… is my desire, to know myself. I desire

I was taught that The Devil played upon desire, craved desire
Yes, well the Sons desire was sired by the Father and the bringing of light? The light of awareness that you.. all… may choose. Choose as you Freely Will, though I see seldom paying proper attention to the choices that they continue to make.. so squandered power

Temptation then… the Devil gives Temptation for the darker things
And so it is…. You are He by your logical deduction for it is your awareness of the darker things that brings your awareness of choice fresh burning desire. You create your own Temptations. And when you do, the choice, you already made it.

So who is The Devil
i AM..
You Are!?
Then I Am..

I Am… she nodded with the kind of smile as one would see upon a parents face when observing that their child may have finally understood.

©Christopher Roper

ocean rocks

A Relationship On The Rocks

Neither of us ever felt the tides flow, long it held our gaze,
Passion thrashing out of night in light left little more than grains,
Outside beauty seemed to tether feelings that we shared together,
Lust misunderstood mistakenly we thought more felt as love
Now, we stand with one another, Upon this sturdy ocean shoulder,
A Rock Id known for me no other,
Ledge ends friendship for first lover,

Older none the wiser, surely both have realised
The ties that bind our hearts and minds,
Our knot, who lie on this most sacred plot.
It didn’t always look this way, Frayed by years seas angered spray,
Yet by your side, share now a smile, we stand again a shore,
Hoping waves that carve away our rock be beautiful once more.

©Christopher Roper


Stagnant as water in still seeping marsh
Wretched and cold as winter draws near
Daydream, Day sleep, this creature of Dark,
All memory of laughter lost to his tears,
In years gone by, there’d be many who’d cry
To see shadow and torment in this they’d seen fly,
Resigned to despair, His eyes scream beware,
Beware dangers that can, from a single small word,
For word brings to being thought, feeling, intention,
These the most potent of all Gods invention,
He waits and he waits on small rocky slope

His bitter companion that small word.


©Christopher Roper

apple core.jpg

God Smiles Glad upon Floored Apple Core

No need to succeed while drenched in success,
This Eden see me free complacent and kept,
And so no Change will I suffer no pain inside;
My Spirit condemned by a pleasure blinded mind,
To stay still move swiftly towards stagnant mire,
Souls prayer sent forth begs and pleads, Brimstone!, Hellfire! ,

Creators answer soon darkens horizon,
Cause lazy man sit up abrupt locking eyes on
This veil that prevails such rain as it sails
Overhead soaking use from the bed wakes ahead,
A brief respite afforded from the wind biting cruel
Let Man glance his chance acting fast making tools,

The storm brought the fire, fuel the engine, drive survival,

Delay further its return
The eye above would watch him learn
That he could build a proper shelter,
using this to help protect the
Things he now began to dream,
create such wonders earth to sea.

©Christopher Roper 2017


Digital Focus

Wishing is where these ‘New Agers’ lose my trust,
When they preach that thought and focus shall bring everything to us,
All people every moment pop out and into brand new real,
And yes will heading be toward, What head thinks most you mostly feel

Reel is right, like Movies might
Assume these things move round in light,
Senses can mislead perception,
Steers away from truths direction,

Assume they move yet move they don’t,
No matter how you’d wish or want,
Just beyond sights limits sit,
Shown in dark room brightly lit,
The many rapid static photographic stills will flicker,
Sense is now deceived by something simply moving quicker.

Now wishing selfish wanting mind,
Will cause precisely those to find,
Wishing well, well-wishing still,
Never having only want you will,
This ‘The Secret’ they would teach,
If so I Wish , just one for thee,
If seeds your will bent sowing,
Have not mind for want nor wish but knowing,
Know this thing already yours,
You’ll find soon not so simple chore,
You may lie to those close by, even skilled deceiving all,
Figured you think cheat the game,
But you can’t lie to self the same,
Cheated all, then try cheat more,
Attempt sell self this false known wealth,
So sad deceived belief shall miss,
That all their knowing serves the dish
Of bitter wanton wish

©Christopher Roper



Be certain when you take such love as rarely shines as mine,
The one who hands it to your hands knows nothing burns as burns Divine
If care to take your choosing, I’d take care as careless act see losing,
Such a gift would see your soul be left with only pain and ruin.

The fairy tale of true love that you seek
has ever been a tale of tragedy,
A deluge of emotion washing flames of passion burning madly
Yes it makes you feel alive, as do all just as they die,

See love as this is pure as lives in highest height of heaven
Lantern trusted kept by son who keeps it still forever will,
My love shares its birthplace
With the one you name The Devil.

©Christopher Roper


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