Dangers of Aspartame

Aspartame Dish
Dinner is Ready

In 1965 Aspartame was discovered accidentally by chemist James M. Schatter, who was attempting to develop a new treatment for stomach ulcers.  The doctor licked a contaminated finger while flicking through the pages of his research and noticed the intense sweet taste.  Originally proposed as an artificial sweetener in 1975, the FDA refused to approve the substance due to the potential damage initial studies had shown it to cause to brain and nerve cells by neuroscientist Doctor John W. Olney.

Aspartame Chemical Formular
Chemical Formula for Aspartame

In 1980 the PBOI (Public Board of Inquiry) for the FDA concluded that, even though there was not enough conclusive evidence for Aspartame causing brain cancer and other neurological conditions, the unanswered questions concerning the brain tumours of laboratory rats was enough to have the use of the chemical to be refused once more.  It was to take a further 3 years before the FDA approved Aspartame to be used in dry foods, followed swiftly by an approval for its use in carbonated drinks, and finally in 1996 all restrictions were removed completely, allowing this dangerous substance to be added to all of our foods.

Although nearly 20 years had passed since the initial synthesis of Aspartame to its first FDA approval, no long-term study had been put in place to identify potential dangers to the human body.  We ought to have learned a painful lesson after the deaths of so many innocents who had once been told that it was safe to work with Asbestos, but it seems that our habit is to relive our past mistakes over and over again, as we are incapable of learning from our experience.

What is curious and more than a little concerning, is why something that was deemed hazardous to health could later be classified as ‘safe for consumption’ with nothing more than the passing of time?  What influential body had the motivation and ability to have the application of this dangerous chemical revisited by the PBOI, and were any of those members incentivised to approve its use?

Aspartame Products
Poison for the Masses

Make no mistake, Aspartame is by far the most dangerous substance added to our food today.  This is not merely my opinion; it is a fact!  As technology advances, the dangers concerning the consumption of this toxic sweetener become much clearer.  More than 75 percent of all adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA are attributed to Aspartame.  Many of these incidents include extremely severe reactions including seizures and death.

To list but a few of the 90 other different documented symptoms:

  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Numbness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Vision Problems
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Inability to Taste
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Tinnitus
  • Tachycardia
  • Insomnia
  • Rashes
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Memory Loss

The list goes on and on.  Worse still is the results of various experiments carried out by independent physicians who are currently studying the adverse effects of Aspartame.  It is well documented that the following diseases are most certainly worsened by the ingestion of the chemical if not triggered by it:

  • Brain Tumours
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Lymphoma
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Birth Defects
  • Diabetes

In fact, there are almost 500 scientific references that prove that Aspartame in our food supply is the cause of serious chronic neurological disorders, as well as an entire spectrum of other debilitating symptoms.

Aspartame acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.  Ingesting excess amounts destroys neurons by allowing an influx of calcium into the cells of the brain.  This causes free-radicals, which kill the cells.  Aspartate, which is the amino-acid released into the brain after the ingestion of Aspartame, is referred to as an ‘Excitotoxin’.  They literally stimulate the neural cells to death.  Aspartate also flows through the plasma in our blood stream.  The blood brain barrier (BBB) which would normally protect the brain from excess levels of Aspartate and Glutamate found in MSG becomes ineffective under such an onslaught.  This is much more dangerous for our children as their BBB is not yet fully developed.  The high levels of Aspartate and Glutamate caused by digesting Aspartame destroy the neurons slowly over time.  More than 75 percent of neurological cells of particular areas of the brain can be destroyed before any chronic symptoms begin to show, which is why long-term studies of such substances ought to be carried out before being introduced to our daily diet.

Child Soda Drinks
Who Cares?

The danger of our children developing serious neurological conditions later in life are very real, yet many products such as confectionary, soft-drinks and fast-food that contain high levels of Aspartame are targeted specifically toward young people.  Another terrible irony is how Aspartame is marketed throughout the health-food industry as a preferred substitute for sugar.  Our current consumption of sugar is certainly too high, and children in particular should be educated in the dangers of overindulgence, but simply replacing it with a synthetic toxic substance that inhibits and destroys the nerve centre of the human body is not the answer, and to feed it to our young is criminal negligence.


©Written by Christopher Roper

Liberate Tetemet Ex Inferis

Save Yourselves From Hell


Any flow of knowledge between individuals can only come from a person being open to the evolution or critique that another’s views can bring.

Progress is made in such ways.

Religion is a brick wall of belief and thus has been the greatest obstacle to humanity’s spiritual, mental and technological advancement since time immemorial.

Frankly, religion and spirituality are two opposing forces in direct conflict with one another.  One will always seek answers from an exterior source while the other depends on an individual looking within themselves for the discernment of right and wrong and what’s more, takes responsibility for those perceptions.

God never made us in her or his image, we made God in ours. Until we, as a species, realise that the dogmatic practices of all religions were put in place by the patriarchal society that existed at the time of the institutions’ inception, followers will forever allow the ignorance of others to overrule their own God-given common sense.

©️ Christopher Roper


Feminism Radical.jpeg

Feminists are guilty of that which they fight to change, slotting men the same way as men do them. Bias conquers the day yet again.

I would be careful to remember that either Man or Woman, whether Black, Brown, White or yellow, (even red faced from a long lasting love for Scottish single malt) all hold potential to be asses or heroes, rats or pearls. Amidst a ton of rough we find the purest of diamonds if one bothers to dig a little deeper. Dark can be a place and a state of fear or can be as beautiful as an Obsidian Crystal Raven.  There is no progress to be found in the limitation offered by idealistic agendas that given enough momentum and force would switch the general social state of stupidity from one extreme to the other. At every point or stage in history, one would always be the “feel better to be born” race or gender. The fact that the new age hippies are a growing popular movement – using an apathetic base for foundation, a spin appeal in its teaching of lazy irresponsibility, in action, requiring little more than forced imaginings on your back – makes me sick. Just as much as attending a Neo-Nazi totalitarian fund raising pig spit buffet would have me ashamed to call myself a human being. Often what happens is, we have the same or similar situation in reverse with a whole new set of problems that leads to inequality of a different kind of the same ilk.  And back and forth we go.

 I see feminism as a route to gender equality and a movement any one can join. – Samantha Ashlee

You might claim that you are a feminist in the purest understanding of the term, only asking that women be afforded the same opportunities as men across the board. Equal in the way they may act, command, and vote, express political and social opinions and oh​​ I don’t know, equally as one who shoots perfect, innocent strangers camouflaged up to the nines helping out some poor private bankers! What is currently being sold is a mere perception: love tanks of joy armed to the teeth with humane grade automatics that spit and spray the deliverance of peace at an impressive rate per second. Wonderfully helpful best for business bullets shot at any wishing to escape the monopolizing Petrodollar! Well, if equality is the motto, then I am passionate for the cause. Pretty sure my “supporting march face” won’t be used on any poster nor logo, however much I serve the just cause, because I’m not well… effeminate enough!

Yet, I agree with the cries of all as one, against inequality and feel true the message, “Evil endures when good men sit and do nothing”.  However, even that quote would have someone angry about the semantics of wording and demand change to shift from stating “Good Men” to “People”.  Meanwhile, ignoring the genius of the message, too focused on their own point scoring one-upmanship. Count me out of any group that would label me an “ist” or tag me under an “ism”. I wish to be free to view all sides of all views to form a discussion where I may be met in the middle. I’d like to be a humanitarian of sorts or rather I am.  However, I respect that any aid given can just as easily weaken those you would wish it to help, especially when we give without being asked for. The man largely responsible for the creation of the Atomic bomb believed that the only way mankind might save the world would be that we do not try to. Feminism battles such unfair treatment that I personally feel is a disgrace upon us all.

To me these are not women issues, they are issues of all Mankind, our treatment of our own. The ones who are responsible for dictating social policies are too often willing to allow inequality to occur so long as it does not affect them. A ​​​​”Live And Let Die” ​​attitude.

Truth is we all have the right to live our life and choose our own consequences. It is our ignorance to this and the need to feed insecurity with the delusion of import added to the misguided understanding that status is a measure of greed and hoarding that creates the very upsetting state of mistreatment and disrespect we show to the great beauty of all life!  As cultural differences arise because ignorance wins the day through, as so many hold their ways “The Way”, all others must naturally need rubbing out.

Missing the beauty of experiencing living through the heart of a previously unknown land, and witnessing art and love and all manner of the ways in which they play, allowing into our lives the wonderful diversity between cultures, gets barricaded by small greedy minds that are frightened of the change acceptance would bring. So, I’m not for Woman nor Man. I’m not for White nor Black. I am for all of humanity. I am an opinionated man, a reasonably intelligent one and lucky enough through love to know that all can be a more complete soul when willingly joined by another, and this deep truth transcends all our cultural and gender differences, adding to each a new richness.

I stand for an US and I love a WE so much more than an I.


©Written by Christopher James Roper

Everyone’s a Journalist


The internet has provided us with a global sized playground, most often left unsupervised by an attending teacher.  On this platform, some offer free refreshing lemonade, but many just sling sour lemons claiming them delicious.  With our modern means of communication, everyone now has the ability to report the news.  Very few however, have the journalistic discipline to research these subjects that they continually attest to be an authority on.  Too many regurgitate hearsay and gossip as reliable fact, and what is even more concerning, is that just as many adopt it as such.

Bias-Based Bulletins

Nobody takes the effort to seek out proof and gather evidence for the information that is spewed from social media sites anymore.  Especially when a story is consistent with theories that the reader already holds precious, no supporting data is required for that individual to share it as far and wide as their ‘friend’ list allows them to.

Even if a person was to attempt to gather evidence that is consistent with the story presented to them, this would not be enough.  The whole premise of what qualifies as proof needs to be examined.  We search for data that is consistent with the theory we believe in, rather than discovering factual evidence that supports it.

A Lie Told Often Enough, Becomes The Truth – Vladimir Lenin

News RIP

Among our youth of today, how many watch the news?  Read the news?  Drowning in dis-information of the world-wide surf, our kids have little protection against falsified data and outright lies being offered as truth.

A disturbing post recently circulated on Facebook, showed an image of the broken soul of Tom Riddle from the Harry Potter franchise.  The individual responsible for the post falsely claimed the picture to be the photograph of an aborted fetus.  Luckily, a sharp-eyed individual spotted this deception, but not before the image gained a couple of hundred comments, and ‘lord’ knows how many shares.


Starry, Starry Night

A couple of years ago around Christmas time, an elderly man came knocking at my front door around 6:30pm.  This hour of December is dark and very cold.  The fellow spoke little to no English, but showed me a small laminated card that he had made himself.  It stated that he was not asking for a hand out.  He was merely trying to sell his artwork to carry him over the Christmas period.

He handed me a folder containing charcoal sketches, individually protected in plastic sleeves.  Each one was incredible, he had an amazing talent.  Unfortunately, although he would only charge ten pounds per piece, I was only due to be paid the following Tuesday.  I asked if he would return so that I could purchase a couple of pages from his collection.

As I closed the front door, the woman who was my partner at that time came rushing up the hallway brandishing her phone, and told me to read the article on the screen.  She said that we ought to lock the back doors to our house.

On the phone was a Facebook post with a heading that read, “Romanian Scam!! One distracts by selling art at the front while the other enters your house from the rear to rob you!”  The first paragraph of the message described how an old man would pretend to sell his art to keep you at the door long enough for his accomplice to enter through the back door and steal your children’s presents from under the tree.

As I read on, it quickly became apparent that this was just a baseless theory of one paranoid woman who had instructed her husband to threaten and chase off the artist.  It seemed that no-one was reading the article past the headline.  Locally, the post was spreading quickly with escalating comments that threatened violence to any unexpected visitors.  The police felt that they had to intervene.

They caught up with the old gentleman before he had even finished calling upon the houses of my street.  They told him that a post claiming him a thief had begun to go viral and that it was no longer safe for him to try to sell his craft.

I don’t know what he did to raise money for his family that Christmas, but needless to say he never returned for the promised sale that following Tuesday.

For at least one individual, Christmas would be a lot harder and depressing than it needed to be.  Who is responsible for this sadness though?  The woman releasing her paranoid rant to social media, or the readers who accepted her theory as fact without question.


©Christopher Roper

A Theory For Revolution

Da vinci Vitruvian man

Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ is taught in schools and higher educational institutions throughout the world.  This theory being treated as fact is potentially very limiting for our species, as mainstream science no longer entertains any other ideas on a subject once there is a general consensus that the mystery has already been solved.

Dickensian Darwinism

The exploration of sciences that deal with such issues as evolution rely upon evidences that when gathered together, present a case that is unreasonable to argue against.   The problem is that there seems to be as much evidence to disprove the theory of evolution as there is to support it.  Maybe we ought to re-examine this theory in light of modern discoveries and possibly abandon a great deal of previous assumption. Candle

The original title of Darwin’s ground-breaking book was, ‘The Origin of a Species by means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’.  Considering the era in which the man lived, we may forgive the racist connotation that his original title implies.  Thankfully this wording would only be tolerated by the ignorant in the world we live today.  Should we not though, also consider the possibility that the books’ content is equally old fashioned and out-dated?

Proof of the Galapagos


Charles Darwin based his theory largely upon his trip to the Galapagos.  A failing medical scholar, accompanying Captain Robert Fitzroy as his travel companion aboard the HMS Beagle.

Many years ago, the oceans had risen creating individual land masses out of what once had been a single large strip of land.  It is believed that the species that existed there, now had to change their physical attributes in order to survive in their newly formed habitat.

Creatures such as the iguana belonging to one island would come to have a significantly different appearance and behaviour to that of its neighbours.  These changes would seem to suit the environment and available food for whichever particular portion of the Galapagos the large reptiles would be occupying.

The same differences could be observed in giant tortoises, capable of living much longer than a human being, also native to the Galapagos.  Here, the foliage of each island seemed to determine the very shape of the tortoise shell.  For those who lived on an island that required a little reaching for the meal, the shell evolved to allow the tortoise more freedom in the movement of its neck.

Our Living Dinosaurs

So what of the species that we know have never evolved from the time of the dinosaurs?

Great White


It is a fact that certain species of crocodiles and the great white shark have been around for millions of years and yet they have undergone absolutely no evolutionary changes of any sort.  You may argue that evolution has to be forced through drastic changes in the environment, and that none of these have occurred in the oceans or rivers that these prehistoric predators inhabit.

Yet, have we not gathered an abundance of data relating to the rise of oceanic temperatures, land masses shifting and even a historical record of the entire planet’s poles shifting their position?  To have proof of these occurrences, yet observe no biological change in these living dinosaurs surely offers us some evidence against Darwin’s theory.

Of Men, Mammoths and Megalosaurus

An excavation site near the Chulym River in central Russia has revealed a huge dinosaur and mammoth graveyard.  The mass grave contains a great number of dinosaur bones as well as those belonging to the long extinct Woolly Mammoth.

Excavation site.png

These bones had been broken in a way that suggests that the animals they had belonged to had been killed by prehistoric humans.  Scientists were perplexed on how one site could contain such a large collection of these great herbivorous elephants as well as so many carnivorous dinosaurs.

Where Humans Stand

Throughout much of the 20th century and even to this day, the lesson generally taught throughout our schools is that homo-sapiens began life in a ‘cradle for human-kind’ in Africa 200,000 years ago.  Back in the early 1960s however, discoveries made by archaeologists at a secluded mine in Marrakesh, Morocco, revealed human bones buried with stone tools that date back 300,000 years.

This presents a very different picture for the origin of our species, and if there was a ‘Garden of Eden’ for our people, it was likely the size of an entire continent and existed at least a hundred thousand years earlier than previously assumed.  More recent excavations at this site have confirmed that these remains are not Neanderthal, but are skeletally structured no differently than a person alive today.

For a discovery initially made over 60 years ago, why is it that the lessons taught within our schools have not been adjusted to correct the inaccuracy of our natural history books?  Any thoughts?

group of school kids raising hands in classroom

Reluctance to Change

A theory is by its very definition, an idea.  Ideas can grow, be re-formed and evolve if awarded a modicum of free thinking.  The validity of Darwin’s theory is not the most pressing issue at this time, it is rather, our lack of freedom to disagree with it.  Evolution neatly lends its way to a more unanswerable question which is, how did life begin?

The circumstances of the origin of all life on this planet is still a mystery today.  It is a sort of ‘Catch 22’, so to speak.  DNA requires the existence of complex molecules, while at the same time these complex molecules seem to be created through the existence of DNA.  So which came first?  The chicken, or the egg?

If evolution is a fact of nature, then all life evolving from single celled organisms takes us one step closer to knowing where life began.  Because of this, evidence that opposes Darwin’s theory has often been destroyed or disregarded by the people whose entire careers are built upon the search for truth.  The danger this creates for us all is very real.  These scientists cling desperately to old paradigms at the cost of scientific progress.

Forgotten Heroes

Finally, I would like to share a true story with my readers.

A brilliant young female archaeologist from America held tenure at a prestigious university.  She was like a modern-day, real-life Indiana Jones.  During an expedition funded by the university, she discovered human remains at the same location and depth as fossilised dinosaur bones.  This discovery provided actual physical proof that, not only did human beings exist at the time of the dinosaurs, but just as the sharks and crocodiles, our biological form had remained unchanged for millennia.

Incredibly excited by the find, her happiness was crushed soon after when her superiors at the university warned her not to release the information.  She refused to bury the evidence, believing that such an action would go against everything that she stood for.

She lost her tenure and was fired from her teaching position soon after.  Her career in ruins, this woman, once highly respected in the archaeological community would now be unable to gain employment even by a local magazine.

This is not an isolated incident within the scientific community, where reputation becomes much more important than the pursuit of knowledge and objective truth.

The fact that I can no longer remember this woman’s name, nor find any mention of her as I search the internet to rediscover her unfortunate tale, illustrates how history will remember her valiant stance for science and truth in the face of secrecy and corruption.

Sadly, not at all.

Truth's Protective Layers.png

©Christopher Roper

I, Augmented

I, Augmented.png


It has always been in the nature of mankind to employ machinery to improve the quality of our lives, and the productivity of our work.  We, as a species, will always push the boundaries, applying new knowledge to create fresh, innovative ideas.  All technology has both creative and productive potential, yet never before has our kind been on the cusp of such a radical, evolutionary step.


Today, amputees can be fitted with a synthetic leg giving them a new lease of life. Sensors and microprocessors within the prosthetic limb are able to pick up nerve pulses directly from the brain enabling its user a full range of movement.  However, these cybernetic parts are not yet capable of sending messages back to the brain, providing a sense of touch that a person usually experiences, but the progression to this next step is well on the way.  One cannot deny that this technology is life changing for those who need it, and such innovations should be continued to be researched and developed, providing a better quality of life for many.


With human augmentation already so advanced, it is easy to imagine the development of further integrated artificial components in the not too distant future.  Synthetic organs may become more than the ray of hope to amputees that it is today.  Soon, augmentation will likely be marketed to the masses as a catalogue of upgrades that would give abilities that have previously existed only in comic books.  Improved vision with Zoom capability, or hearing that can isolate particular sounds with laser precision and adjust volume with a thought.  Arms that are capable of lifting incredible weight and being able to run at speeds previously believed impossible.

The future may hold non-anthropomorphic additions to the human body, such as wings to be attached to the shoulder blades enabling us to experience the skies in a much more personal and connected way.  Muscle re-configurations will soon allow us to sense and feel exoskeletal augmentations, combining man and machine and allowing human beings, control over their own evolutionary path.


A great prospect and vision for most developers who stand on the cutting edge of augmentation technology, is in providing the human body with abilities normally considered supernatural.  Such things as telepathy and telekinesis could become a reality.  Neurological technology could anticipate intended words or movement through the thought process mapped in the human brain.  Utilising wireless radio frequencies, it is conceivable that we could have the ability to communicate our thoughts directly to the intended recipient over vast distances.

One of the challenges that this form of techno-telepathy would surely face would be how to overcome possible violations to our personal privacy.  Any system such as this would be based on a computer interface that would directly interact with the mind, and any computer system has the potential to be hacked.

If this synthetic / biological arrangement was in any way vulnerable to attack, an individual’s personal security and privacy becomes virtually non-existent, placing themselves and their loved ones at great risk.  There is also the question as to whether someone could place thoughts into another using the same technology that is used to read them.

To appreciate how truly close to this technology we already are, it has been reported that researchers at The University of California, Berkley ran an experiment to visually construct the thoughts of those participating.  They had their volunteers watch movie trailers, and then later, to think of them and remember while attached to the team’s equipment.  The experiment actually produced recognisable, low-resolution video fragments of the trailers from only the thoughts of the willing test-subjects.

This is far from tomorrows dream.  So how secure is a secure system?  Well, every designer of some form of secure network will attest to its unbreakable walls, right up to the point that some hacker smashes them down.  This may be of little concern, if the only content on the hard drive is photographs of your dog or complaint letters to your local council. But, when the hard-drive is your mind, your secret desires, passions and dreams, well that is something else altogether.

We are all naturally entitled to the private sanctum that is our mind, and creating technologies that violate this may well become one of those things that we would wish to un-invent.


All technological discovery throughout human history was either conceived for military application or at the very least, weaponised in some form or another.  Augmentation that would increase strength, speed and agility would surely be kept hidden within the military industrial complex for many years before being released to the general public.

Whilst we can appreciate the potential for both positive and negative applications for the commercial use of this technology, surely there can only be one result of its use as a weapon, and that is destruction.  Automatic ammunition fire that locks on to a target through the soldier’s vision, never missing a shot is merely a step up from technologies that are already in existence.

The Apache helicopter, described by many as an ‘absolute death machine’, tracks the head movements of the pilot to lock onto targets approximately 150 km away with a huge compliment of missiles at its disposal as well as its 30mm automatic gun canon.  To apply this deadly accuracy to each individual soldier would have the potential to completely decimate an entire city in a very short space of time.

When this human augmentation technology is released to the masses, we have the potential for a government, a terrorist organisation or a corporation to see what you see, hear what you hear, and record this information whenever they choose to.  Whether they would do this or not is beside the point.  The real question is, should we give them that level of power?


Immortality remains the ‘Holy Grail’ for all major companies and innovative individuals who pioneer the development of human augmentation technology.  Could I transfer my entire consciousness into a digital form to be installed onto a computer system, to live forever as the ghost in the machine?

New research may take this idea of living forever away from the pages of fictional fantasy and horror novels, and plant it firmly into the ground of our reality.  The information existing inside the brain is stored within the synaptic connections between neurons.   There are about 100 billion neurons in the human brain, and each neuron, every pathway would have to be scanned, mapped and then digitally reconstructed with a precision that allows 0% margin for error in order to not only behave as a biological brain, but potentially contain the experiences, thoughts and memories of the person being scanned.

In truth, the driving force behind this research is in gaining a complete understanding of the brain, but those at the frontier of this exciting new technology, freely admit that it could hold the key to a kind of immortality.

In 2014, the simple brain of a round worm was scanned and then later, a digitalised simulation was installed into a simple LEGO™ robot.  The machine then began to move around the room without any human interaction or intervention required, seemingly of its own freewill.

At the Allen Institute in Seattle, scientists were able to successfully map and digitally reconstruct a cubic millimetre of a mouse’s brain.  Even though the size of this may seem insignificant, that grain-of-sand sized piece of rodent mind contained 100,000 neurons and over a billion synapsis.  This was done by first slicing the brain 25,000 times as thinly as 40 nanometres, which is about one fifth the thickness of a human hair.  Of these slices, millions of images then had to be taken.  So, this may give you an idea of the sheer immensity of the task of mapping a human.

That said, we are certainly well on the road toward this achievement, and once completed, we may finally be able to answer some of those age old philosophical questions of consciousness and what exactly makes us individually unique.


Evolution deprived man of many natural advantages that other creatures of this planet possess.  Some sea creatures, including a particular species of Starfish, can regrow their severed limbs.  Others, are given fangs that can chew through bone like butter and claws that can scale vertical surfaces with ease.  For human beings, we were gifted with such beautiful minds, capable of creative thoughts and a will to bring these ideas into existence.  Whatever mistakes that we have made, it is this evolutionary advantage that has ensured our species’ survival down the ages as the dominant life-form on this planet.  To deny the reality of technological augmentation in human biological systems in the near future, is as futile as standing against the powerful oceanic tides.  We can only embrace these tides of change with a vigilant awareness of the dangers that inherently lie in our exploration of dreams, and our continued effort towards making the impossible a reality.



©Written by Christopher Roper