Liberate Tetemet Ex Inferis

Save Yourselves From Hell


Any flow of knowledge between individuals can only come from a person being open to the evolution or critique that another’s views can bring.

Progress is made in such ways.

Religion is a brick wall of belief and thus has been the greatest obstacle to humanity’s spiritual, mental and technological advancement since time immemorial.

Frankly, religion and spirituality are two opposing forces in direct conflict with one another.  One will always seek answers from an exterior source while the other depends on an individual looking within themselves for the discernment of right and wrong and what’s more, takes responsibility for those perceptions.

God never made us in her or his image, we made God in ours. Until we, as a species, realise that the dogmatic practices of all religions were put in place by the patriarchal society that existed at the time of the institutions’ inception, followers will forever allow the ignorance of others to overrule their own God-given common sense.

©️ Christopher Roper

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