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Feminists are guilty of that which they fight to change, slotting men the same way as men do them. Bias conquers the day yet again.

I would be careful to remember that either Man or Woman, whether Black, Brown, White or yellow, (even red faced from a long lasting love for Scottish single malt) all hold potential to be asses or heroes, rats or pearls. Amidst a ton of rough we find the purest of diamonds if one bothers to dig a little deeper. Dark can be a place and a state of fear or can be as beautiful as an Obsidian Crystal Raven.  There is no progress to be found in the limitation offered by idealistic agendas that given enough momentum and force would switch the general social state of stupidity from one extreme to the other. At every point or stage in history, one would always be the “feel better to be born” race or gender. The fact that the new age hippies are a growing popular movement – using an apathetic base for foundation, a spin appeal in its teaching of lazy irresponsibility, in action, requiring little more than forced imaginings on your back – makes me sick. Just as much as attending a Neo-Nazi totalitarian fund raising pig spit buffet would have me ashamed to call myself a human being. Often what happens is, we have the same or similar situation in reverse with a whole new set of problems that leads to inequality of a different kind of the same ilk.  And back and forth we go.

 I see feminism as a route to gender equality and a movement any one can join. – Samantha Ashlee

You might claim that you are a feminist in the purest understanding of the term, only asking that women be afforded the same opportunities as men across the board. Equal in the way they may act, command, and vote, express political and social opinions and oh​​ I don’t know, equally as one who shoots perfect, innocent strangers camouflaged up to the nines helping out some poor private bankers! What is currently being sold is a mere perception: love tanks of joy armed to the teeth with humane grade automatics that spit and spray the deliverance of peace at an impressive rate per second. Wonderfully helpful best for business bullets shot at any wishing to escape the monopolizing Petrodollar! Well, if equality is the motto, then I am passionate for the cause. Pretty sure my “supporting march face” won’t be used on any poster nor logo, however much I serve the just cause, because I’m not well… effeminate enough!

Yet, I agree with the cries of all as one, against inequality and feel true the message, “Evil endures when good men sit and do nothing”.  However, even that quote would have someone angry about the semantics of wording and demand change to shift from stating “Good Men” to “People”.  Meanwhile, ignoring the genius of the message, too focused on their own point scoring one-upmanship. Count me out of any group that would label me an “ist” or tag me under an “ism”. I wish to be free to view all sides of all views to form a discussion where I may be met in the middle. I’d like to be a humanitarian of sorts or rather I am.  However, I respect that any aid given can just as easily weaken those you would wish it to help, especially when we give without being asked for. The man largely responsible for the creation of the Atomic bomb believed that the only way mankind might save the world would be that we do not try to. Feminism battles such unfair treatment that I personally feel is a disgrace upon us all.

To me these are not women issues, they are issues of all Mankind, our treatment of our own. The ones who are responsible for dictating social policies are too often willing to allow inequality to occur so long as it does not affect them. A ​​​​”Live And Let Die” ​​attitude.

Truth is we all have the right to live our life and choose our own consequences. It is our ignorance to this and the need to feed insecurity with the delusion of import added to the misguided understanding that status is a measure of greed and hoarding that creates the very upsetting state of mistreatment and disrespect we show to the great beauty of all life!  As cultural differences arise because ignorance wins the day through, as so many hold their ways “The Way”, all others must naturally need rubbing out.

Missing the beauty of experiencing living through the heart of a previously unknown land, and witnessing art and love and all manner of the ways in which they play, allowing into our lives the wonderful diversity between cultures, gets barricaded by small greedy minds that are frightened of the change acceptance would bring. So, I’m not for Woman nor Man. I’m not for White nor Black. I am for all of humanity. I am an opinionated man, a reasonably intelligent one and lucky enough through love to know that all can be a more complete soul when willingly joined by another, and this deep truth transcends all our cultural and gender differences, adding to each a new richness.

I stand for an US and I love a WE so much more than an I.


©Written by Christopher James Roper

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