Poetry is The Grand stage production of The Living Universe,
The Poet, Hangs in the wings night after night,
In a desperate attempt to capture all of the subtle sweet
And terrible beauty sewn into the choreography of The Dance

-Christopher Roper

Christopher Roper

Christopher Roper is freelance writer and a poet from the North-West of England.

A Professional Freelancer

He is now building a career as a freelance writer.  He has considerable expertise in website content writing, article writing on various niches, blog writing, copy writing, proof reading and editing.  His reputation is rapidly growing for his command of the English language, his reliability and the consistent quality of his work.

The Lost Poet

Poetry is an artistic expression of feelings and deep emotion.

On the poetry page of this site, almost every piece that Christopher has ever written is made available for you to read, enjoy and share.  All comments, whether complimentary or critical will receive a response by him.

Freedom exists in the courage that we afford our morality and principles,
For this, No barred window or door could ever hope to imprison.  

Christopher Roper

A Story Teller

His first collection of short stories are in the works, with hopes that this volume may be published upon its completion.

The ever-growing library of micro-fictions and short stories can be viewed on the ‘Short Stories’ page of this site.  Please feel free to comment and to share.

Marriage Writes

In September 2017, Christopher Roper became the moderator of a Google poetry community of over 44,000 members.  It was here that he met a fellow poet who wrote under the pseudonym, Kaleidoscope S.  She was a young Indian career woman, single and independent working out of Chennai.  The two quickly became very close friends, and not long after that, fell in love.  After proposing to her in March 2018, he moved to Mangalore where she had recently relocated and the two of them were married the following September.

Meekha Roper is an amazing poet, and is currently pursuing her own avenues of being published, while simultaneously progressing along her chosen career path as an IT Manager of a major, global company.  Her page can be accessed here, so that you may enjoy, comment and share her unique and incredible talent.

And Finally….

Having music at the heart of your soul never truly disappears.  Over the course of the last couple of years, Christopher has taken a break from songwriting and music production to focus on establishing himself as one of the highest quality content providers on the market.

He does however, have a deep passion for music, and in particular, singing.  On the music page, you can view videos and mp3 audio files of his efforts covering some of the most iconic songs created.  You can watch, listen and even download each and every one of these clips for free.  Once again, all shares and comments are welcomed by him.